Squirrel Removal Services

Facts About Squirrels

Squirrels are prolific adapters that have integrated into our daily lives. They serve a variety of benefits to the ecology but when they make their way into the home the negative can outweigh the positive. Squirrels do not hibernate and follow a somewhat regimented pattern of waking up around sunrise, head out for the day, then return near dusk to bed down for the night. Squirrels can nest and breed in homes leading to an increased population in the home, rising noise levels can sound like thudding, running, scurrying, scratching. Being rodents, their teeth require maintenance and they will chew in order to keep them in good order. Will they chew on electrical lines? It’s a possibility but naturally they seem to gravitate towards wood. They may also chew on lead flashing around chimneys.

Squirrels Can Damage Your House

Wildlife requires food, water, and shelter to survive. Unfortunately, all of these needs can be met inside a home. While extensive damage is not typical, an unchecked issue can lead to much larger damage resulting in more costly repairs. A squirrel may find its way into a home and modern materials like flex hose water lines are becoming more common. This is an example of squirrels foraging for water resulting in extensive water damage. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can protect your property. 

Signs You Have Squirrels

Squirrels can find their way into homes through a variety of ways. They can climb to rooflines, soffits, gables, dormers, and louver vents in order to chew into a home. Signs of squirrel activity include running, jumping, chewing, and scratching. They may nest and thrive in numerous areas. There may be sounds of purring or cooing if a nest is present.

How to Get Rid of Squirrel?

Peace and Quiet can inspect inside and out to determine if squirrels are present. We will provide a free estimate with pictures and go over findings, options, approaches, and answer any questions. We offer removal, trapping, repairs, and exclusion options as well as preventative measures. A proactive approach to defending your home can be less costly than trapping and exclusion. 

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We will provide a free estimate with pictures and go over findings, options, approaches, and answer any questions.