Raccoon Removal Services

Facts About Raccoons

Raccoons are versatile foragers and adapt to urban and suburban environments very well. Raccoons are a vector species meaning they are able to contract and spread rabies. If a raccoon is seen outside during the day does that mean it’s rabid? In short, no. Diurnal (daytime) activity does not denote rabies. It is impossible to determine rabies infection by stricly by sight. Only proper testing by a qualified individual can provide accurate results. Their feces also may contain baylisascaris commonly known as raccoon roundworm that, although rare, is transmittable to pets and people.

Signs You Have Raccoons

Raccoons primarily nest in secure areas high off the ground. They are adept climbers and strong enough to damage and tear into structures if given the opportunity. Signs of insulation on the ground may be an indication of nesting in unfinished areas of the home like attics and soffits. Checking the chimney shelf is also a good idea. If they are in the home there may be sounds like shuffling, dragging, and loud running. They also make noises that can sound like purring and chattering, raccoon chatter is very distinct. They are very territorial and it’s possible to hear defensive growling. If given the opportunity a male raccoon may also attack and kill competitors’ offspring.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons?

Peace and Quiet can assess accessible unfinished spaces in the home and check the exterior for signs of damaged soffits, fascia, shingles, and structural breeches. There may also be signs of climbing with telltale “grease marks” in high traffic areas. Latringing is also a sign of high activity. We offer trapping, repairs, cleanup, and preventative exclusion measures as part of your free estimate.

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