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Wildlife tends to climb towards naturally occurring gaps in construction. These gaps may also have a minor draft of warm air escaping the home, little difference to the home but a major attractant for wildlife. Sealing gaps and repairing damage without inspecting and removing potential wildlife could lead to a couple issues; it might lock the animal inside or if the animal is outside then it may damage the repair to regain entry. Animals can get in or out by chewing, tearing, and damaging the home. Damage from wildlife is both repairable and preventable

Wildlife Damage to Homes

Wildlife requires food, water, and shelter to survive. Unfortunately all of these needs can be met inside a home. While extensive damage is not typical, an unchecked issue can lead to much larger damage resulting in more costly repairs. A squirrel may find it’s way into a home and modern materials like flex hose water lines are becoming more common. These lines work very well in the home, less expensive than copper, flexible installation, and easy to set where needed. They are also more susceptible to damage from chewing.

This is an example of squirrels foraging for water resulting in extensive water damage. Integrated Pest Management can protect your property. A call to Peace and Quiet Pest Control can get you on track with an IPM plan tailored to your property

Peace and Quiet Property Defense Solution

PQ Pest control property defense service offers exterior repair and comprehensive preventable defense restoration for wildlife damages to your home. 

Our comprehensive safeguard restoration service:

  • Deck repair 
  • Burrow mitigation and prevention
  • Foundation spot repair
  • Exhaust vent defense
  • Fan vent duct cleaning and replacement
  • Siding spot repair
  • Roofline defense 
  • Louver vent exclusion 
  • Dormer and return reinforcement 
  • Chimney cap installation
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Before and After

Woodchucks found shelter under this deck. Existing lattice removed, framing added, and perimeter trenched. New PVC lattice and trim installed with screening mounted behind the lattice. Underground fencing installed around the perimeter with a one-way door to allow exit for the animals' well being. After a period of time the one-way door was removed and the gap was fenced in.

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