Opossum Removal Service

Facts About Opossums

Opossum are nocturnal scavengers and play a pivotal role in our ecosystem. Specifically they offer great value to people and animals by eating a large number of ticks throughout the season. With their prehensile tails they are adept climbers and can roost in trees, shrubs, but also are avid burrowers and can make their way under porches, decks, and sheds to find shelter during the day. While they are primarily nocturnal, seeing one in the daytime does not necessarily mean it is rabid. That being said, opossums are a vector species that could expose others to rabies. Only a properly submitted specimen to an accredited testing facility can determine if it’s rabid.

Signs You Have Opossums

Opossums typically nest in secluded areas and are not known to damage homes in order to gain entry. They typically venture around their territory foraging for a meal. Sometimes they can be seen in transit between forage sites and will sometimes freeze if they detect a potential threat.

How to Get Rid of Opossums?

Peace and Quiet offers trapping, removal, and eviction for opossums. Contact today to schedule a no-cost inspection and estimate.

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Service Area

Service Areas: 15 miles from Utica and greater Central New York area

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