Bird Removal Service

Facts About Birds

A wide variety of wonderful birds are part of our daily life. All but three birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The three birds classified as nuisance birds are: English House Sparrows, European Starlings, and Pigeons. The birds, excrement, and nesting material can possibly host a number of parasites and diseases. Soil contaminated with droppings can host fungus that is responsible for histoplasmosis. Diseases include salmonellosis, psittacosis, and encephalitis by way of mosquitoes that feed on birds. Nesting material may block fan and dryer vents leading to decreased effectiveness and clogging.

Signs You Have Birds

These birds can find their way into homes through gaps, roosts, and fan vents. Signs include rustinling in ceilings and vent areas, cooing and constant calls as they claim territory. Peak activity is during the day and birds might be seen bringing nesting materials to their roost and bringing food to fledglings.

How to Get Rid of Birds?

Peace and Quiet offers a no cost, comprehensive inspection that will provide you with options for mitigating current bird issues and preventative measures to prevent possible future issues. If a bird is excluded from one area there’s a possibility that it may relocate to a different area around your home.  

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Service Area

Service Areas: 15 miles from Utica and greater Central New York area

Utica, NY

New York Mills, NY

Whitesboro, NY

New Hartford, NY

Oriskany, NY

Clark Mills, NY

Clayville, NY

Frankfort, NY

Holland Patent, NY

Ilion, NY

Barneveld, NY

Poland, NY

Mohawk, NY

Herkimer, NY

Rome, NY

Oriskany Falls, NY

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