About Peace and Quiet Pest Control 

Having experienced wild animals invading my home I understand what it means to be plagued by the unknown. We hired a professional service to remove and exclude the animals. That first night of peace and quiet meant so much, knowing that the problem was taken care of and had less to worry about was a turning point. I’ve worked in wildlife control service for years and a satisfied customer brings me back to my own experience. Knowing that I can provide the same peace of mind is what inspired me to start my own business. 

Your home is our responsibility. We understand that while we are at your home for a limited time, you and your family are living there day in, day out.    

Wildlife is Unpredictable,

Our Approach is Not.

Nature will find a way. We understand there is not one remedy for obtaining peace and quiet for you and your home. That is why we offer a variety of approaches that can be addressed in stages. Why spend top dollar if there’s a less expensive but just as effective option?

Why Choose Peace and Quiet Pest Control

Zero Cost Inspection

The root of addressing a problem starts with identifying the source. We will inspect inside and out.

Detailed Approach

Wildlife is not limited to where it's been seen. We check attics, basements, crawlspaces, anywhere we can access.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM casts a wide net when addressing wildlife. Using our knowledge to give you the most effective approach.

Industry Leading Warranties

We've seen low grade materials give low grade results. Only top tier materials are used.

Free Inspecton and Estimate

We will provide a free estimate with pictures and go over findings, options, approaches, and answer any questions.